Website design, Conversion Optimization, User Interface Design for a Toronto Travel News Website.

Travel Week

I helped Travelweek with the redesign of their website to increase their conversion rates and user engagement.


The old design, (click to see a larger image).

The redesigned homepage, (click to see a larger image).

Responsive Website design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, for a leading Toronto Travel News Source.

Travelweek is Canada’s travel trade news source with travel news, jobs, travel industry events, and travel agent contests. Travelweek was doing great in acquiring traffic from social media and organic search engines however user engagement and conversion rates are well below the industry standards. A website redesign, principles of conversion rate optimization coupled with optimized user experience needed to be implemented to remedy this.

Project Goals:

  • A website redesign overhaul – to improve user experience and conversion rates we needed to rebuild the site to successfully design a new website and navigation architecture that addressed the conversion issues with the mission-critical pages of the site.
  • UI (user interface) redesign – to enhance the new and improved user experience the website would also need to freshen up the user interface to add appeal and create a more contemporary look and feel.
  • Conversion rate optimization –  utilizing Travelweek’s Google analytics uncover areas where there was an opportunity for significant conversion rate improvement. Identify primary user and business goals and ensure that those goals were reflected in the new design.
  • Newsletter design – to promote and announce the new site, a new newsletter design was required that would reflect the updated website redesign.

The Design Process:

Creative Strategy, research, and discovery

We started the creative process by diving deep into their existing Google analytics and identified the areas of the site with high bounce rates.

We also identified the sections with the highest user engagement that needed more prominence in the site navigation and important areas of the content that high prominence in the site but had very low user engagement.

Based on the traffic information identified what the most important breakpoints should be and what sizes the breakpoints should be. In conversation with the client identified the primary user and business goals and ensured that the two were aligned.

User Experience Design

Using the insight from the analytics we devised a creative strategy directly addressing the user needs and business goals. We designed a new information architecture and navigational experience that presented content simply and created a new hierarchy based on user goals with the thesis that this optimization would drive the conversion rates higher.

“Sirus knocked our project out of the park! He was so easy to work with and had great ideas to contribute. We are so happy with the end design – its sleek, modern and really sophisticated. The success of this project is really based on the professionalism and design eye of Sirus and I would most definitely recommend his services to anyone. Thanks Sirus:).”
– Devin Kinasz, Publisher Travelweek & President Explor VR

Style Guides & User Interface Design

We began the creative process with the design of the moodboards and style tiles.

We started with the design of smaller components based on the feedback we got from the moodboards. These components became the building blocks for the Style Guide document which became a reference for developers.

With this vital document in place, we started to skin the wireframes with the new UI, typography, and colours to create the final mock-ups.

One of the style tiles that was presented as an option to the client.

Art Direction, Website Design, UI Design

With the wireframes approved and a final style guide approval also in place, the design of the pages and templates went extremely smooth. At this point, it really was a matter of bringing all these elements together on a page.

The final homepage website & user interface design.

Newsletter Design

The final element of the design was the newsletter which was a natural extension of the new website.

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