Web design, UI/UX Design, Logo Design & Illustration for a fin-tech web app.

Consumer Capital Canada

I helped Capco with the design of a fin-tech web app with creating a website and web application.


UX (User Experience ) Design, UI (User Interface) Design, Website design and logo design for a Toronto auto loan platform.

Consumer Capital Canada strives to be a hub for customers looking to secure a loan before their next car purchase. As a start-up this was a product design from scratch, so in addition to the design of the loan platform the client also needed branding and logo design.

Working under contract with Capco and their creative team, we were tasked with creating user personas and mapping the user journey and finally creating a design system for the app.

Project Goals:

  • Website architecture and user experience design – working with Capco’s research team, we uncovered the various user personas. Working from these personas, I started to map out the user journeys based on these early findings and also the defined business goals. I then proceeded to design a working prototype from the site-map. The working prototype enabled us to quickly put the ideas in front of stakeholders to test the validity of the plan and to uncover any usability or user flow issues. Each round of feedback allowed us to make iterative changes until we had a final approved working prototype that we could share with the developers.
  • Web app user interface design – to compliment the user-friendly architecture I proceeded with designing a system that would define the visual language of the app. The overall objective of the design system was to provide an intuitive and contemporary look and feel.
  • Brand identity design – a visual identity and a logo needed to be designed to align with the product core services and messaging. Working with the branding team I presented a colour palette, typographic system, and various logo designs to arrive at a final approved solution. As part of the overall visual language, we created a full set of custom icons and illustrations.

The Design Process:

Creative Strategy, research, and discovery

We started the project by researching the competitive landscape to establish a clear brand differentiation and creative direction. To get the momentum started we began with moodboards which are an easy way to establish a creative foundation for a website design project.

It’s an easy way to compile a wide gamut of appropriate content that defines the visual voice, the personalities, the style and aesthetic of the business product or service. It’s not about creating the content at this stage. It’s about gathering and collocating found content that reflects the emotional feel and mood you want to pursue in the design stage.

Mood boards for web design is like visual prototyping. Like traditional mood boards, web design mood boards compile inspirational elements, color palette, typography and texture in a context that emulates the design elements but is not specific.

User Experience Design

In conversation with the client, we determined the primary and secondary user goals and began to design the user journey and the content requirements with a site-map which became the foundation and blueprint for the website design-build.

Once the sitemap was approved we moved onto the design of the wireframes. These designs outlined the page architecture for every unique page template. This phase is critical in providing the general hierarchy of content and user-flow and enables the client to visualize the navigational experience without getting bogged down in the graphical details.

To view the working prototype please click the image above or click here.

Logo & Brand Identity Design

I start the logo design with sketches and rough ideas. In the initial stages of the logo design process, the ideas are very loose and we are not concerned about details at this stage. We are interested in getting the conversation started to establish a creative direction. Once a general direction is chosen I then start to refine the concept and chip away to get to the final design.  

The final logo design as approved by the client.

Custom illustrations as part of the brand identity design.

Custom icons as part of the brand identity design.

Style Guides & User Interface Design

Using the feedback from the moodboards we started building micro-components for the design. These smaller elements would later become the building blocks that would define the pages of the website. Once we had the approval of these smaller components we began to create a Style Guide document which became the reference for developers. With this vital document in place, we started to skin the wireframes with the new UI, typography, and colours to create the final mock-ups.

The final homepage website & user interface design.

Web Portal & User Dashboard Design

User Interface and user experience design of the dashboard and auto loan user authenticated portal.

Website Design

Designs for a sister lead gen website.

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