River Monsters is a show about under water creatures, that aires on the Discovery Channel. I was asked to design an infograph to promote a special program about prehistoric underwater creatures. The objective was to create awareness and generate buzz on social media channels prior to the show airing. The infograph was to highlight the monstrous size and scale of these prehistoric fishes.

My Role

During the initial ideation phase, 3 concepts were presented for possible visual approaches. The approved concept was to incorporate an imaginary and colossal fantasy river where these creatures would roam in scale and in comparison to human size. In collaboration with the amazing Producers at Bell, we uncovered a set of raw 3d models of these creatures, as created by the production company. This gave me the idea to use these models as the basis for the final composition. The final image is a composition of about 7-8 different stock imagery 3d models and illustrations. The image garnished thousands of likes and hundreds of comments on Facebook and was a huge success all around.


Bell Media


Evan Frith, Creative director;

Thomas Abraham, Designer

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